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Willing to pay a premium for autonomous technology

The emergence of the connected car and the arrival of autonomy is exciting everyone in the automotive business right now. But the advances in tech that we're talking about don't come for free.
With regulators starting to ease restrictions and embrace new functionality, the big question on the lips of automakers and investors is whether consumers will be willing to pay for it. The answer: it's looking good. 
Japan, India, and France are currently home to the most eager buyers for autonomy with around 50% of consumers willing to pay a premium of US $5,000 for full functioning autonomous tech, according to a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group. 
The US management consulting company polled 6,000 consumers from 27 cities in 10 countries.  
What happens in China, the world's largest market for automobiles and the market with the greatest potential, could be what shapes what happens the world over.  The news is positive here too. 
The researchers found that around 40% of Chinese consumers are willing to pay over US $5,000 US for a fully autonomous function.
So, why are drivers interested in the tech?  The reasons might surprise you. 
Around 43% want cars to "drop me off, find a parking spot and park on its own," whilst the second top benefit is to "allow me to multi-task or be productive during the drive", which was cited by 40% percent of respondent.   That second point is something that surely interests the fleet community, no?
These are all very interesting statistics, but whether they translate into action another thing. 
Cold, hard cash in the showrooms is what matters most when it comes to autonomous tech taking to the roads.

Image: Volvo Car Group 11/03/2016  |  Jonathan Green


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