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VW introduces self-driving concept car Sedric

Meet Sedric, short for self-driving car. The autonomous Concept Car is the centrepiece of an integrated mobility concept for the future, designed by Volkswagen Group – the first car manufacturer to do so.  
“Sedric provides an insight into autonomous mobility for everyone, that is also adaptable to personal needs and dreams. Autonomous mobility at the touch of a button: easy, sustainable, convenient, and safe”, the VW press release says. 
Whether Sedric itself will make it onto the roads, is unclear. The vehicle's main aim for now is to concentrate the minds at VW with respect to its ambition to become a leader in autonomous driving, the mobility of the future.
Designed at VW research centres in Potsdam and Wolfsburg, Sedric is VW's first Level-5 autonomous vehicle – meaning that it requires no human driver.  As a pioneering ideas platform, Sedric will father and grandfather many other individual mobility concepts within the VW Group.  
The key to Sedric – literally – is a single button, which symbolises ease of mobility for all, anywhere and anytime. The interior is designed to seat four persons, two by two. 
The vehicle is equipped with voice recognition software allowing passengers to talk to Sedric about their destination, route, driving time, traffic conditions and even a short break on the way like they would to an assistant. The windscreen doubles as an augmented-reality screen, communications interface and entertainment centre 
Sedric's exterior is robust, to stress the vehicle's safety and reliability. The car has no bonnets or shoulders, and its two-part swing door extends up to the roof. 
The vehicle is propelled by a compact, wheel-level electric motor and powered by a flat battery pack between the axles. 
Sedric does not have a steering wheel, pedals or a cockpit. The vehicle therefore has a radically new interior design. VW went for a “welcome home feeling”, conceiving Sedric as a comfortable lounge on wheels. 
08/03/2017  |  Frank Jacobs

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