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Turkish Fleet success comes with Information and Knowledge

The Turkish car fleet market offers many possibilities and is developing fast with more car leasing providers entering the market and developing fleet management services. As an international fleet manager you can succeed in Turkey if you respect the following tips: learn about the local market, know the basic costs of car leasing, work with professional suppliers and don’t base any decision just on price!

In Turkey, the fleet business is growing with more and more leasing providers, but standards of services are still missing. For Barbaros Çitmaci, CEO of FLEETCORP it is important to remember the dynamics of operational leasing market in Turkey are different from Europe. Product and services should not be undermined and perception should not be limited to vehicle in Turkey rather than service level and fleet management. Local experts must be consulted before making an important management fleet decision. “Learn as much as possible on the practices and car requirements of the market in question, preferable through at least 2 separate sources” like a local team or a trusted supplier. “Turkey has its own dynamics and market specific practices when it comes to corporate car policies”, precises Daimler Turkey.

Information is crucial

“Finally, information remains the main tool and capital “Do” before develop your business activities and potential into any new car fleet market in general and the Turkish fleet market in particular”, says Fleet Logistics Turkey. Fleet Managers should “first, determining the needs and expectations of one’ s own fleet and second, better understanding of Turkish market and alternative models are key for successful fleet selection and management”, explains Opel Turkey. “Fully understand the dynamics of the Turkish market and act conservatively until they have a thorough understanding”, says also Otoplan.

Know the costs

“Fleet managers should have a strong idea of the basic cost centers of vehicle leasing practices”, says ALFAOTO. At least four of the cost items should be analyzed: purchase price, RV, finance cost and fleet management costs. In concrete, check insurance coverage and repair networks, apply mileage parameters and develop driver behavior initiatives are crucial steps for international fleet managers targeting the Turkish car fleet market for Fleet Logistics Turkey.

“Don’t just focus on rental price! Do rely on experts to support your decision making for a best-in-class quality of service and a cost effective mobility solution”, says TEB Arval. Decisions should not be based on price only and the corporate employees’ needs must not be undermined, confirms ALFAOTO. “They should not focus just on pricing, service quality should be checked”, confirms DRD too. Also, “international fleet manager should be aware of the tax system” in Turkey says Otokoc.

Team work

Collaboration between fleet managers and fleet suppliers remains a key issue. Fleet managers should not assume that the products and services they will require from the supplier are available and that agreement covers them all. “They should not consider the service as procurement, it is equipment. Therefore fleet managers should have a list of products and services that they will require, and check fleet supplier’s service extent”, explains DRD.

Evaluate the services rendered by suppliers is essential like those concerning: service stations, call-center structure, fleet reports and online reporting system, damage management and insurance system, visit customer relations departments and some service stations, internet service, mobile service applications, if control and audit system is available, check the ERP and ask fair wear and tear conditions.

Driver training is also a team work. “International Fleet Managers should focus on driver behavior and select a partner which they can work together on managing the driver behavior”, says LeasePlan Turkey.

Capital “Do’s”

The most important “don’t” would be to avoid any offers which are overtly too advantageous says Daimler Turkey. Just like “consider international standards, under local conditions” says ALFAOTO. Respect the Turkish mentality, be cautious about fraud and misuse, obtain buy-in with the Turkish subsidiaries and get a local sponsor are the general do’s for Fleet Logistics Turkey. Agreement conditions and car policies’ requirements must fit in the Turkish market. Have a car policy based on realistic needs and facilities, consider your operational circumference on your policy decision and “include “ Whole Cost of Ownership “ as a parameter in your car policy” are essential “Do’s” for ALFAOTO. “Technologic supports also should be demanded, such as online report and apps”, adds DRD. Understand what their fleet management agreement covers and what not is necessary. “Insurance, repair and maintenance coverages differ a lot between market players. This is not only a fiscal issue but maybe more important an issue of end user safety”, attests Garantifilo. “International Fleet Managers need to shape their exact needs, properly & timely” as the alternatives in the Turkish market are plenty”, concludes Opel Turkey.

23/03/2016  |  Antigone Vokou


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