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Trump forces Ford U-turn and threatens GM

Soon-to-be president Donald Trump is already having a major impact on the automotive industry. Back in November, we reported that his environmental views had already led to Chinese carmaker Geely revising downwards its plans for EV production. Now, American carmakers are the target. Yesterday, Ford announced that it was making a complete U-turn on the construction of a new factory in Mexico. It will instead invest in an existing plant at Michigan in the USA for the production of electric and autonomous vehicles. The original decision to build in Mexico was taken earlier last year.
Donald Trump is threatening American carmakers with heavy import taxes if they manufacture cars outside of the USA and then import them. Ford is not alone in feeling the force of this protectionism. In an explicit message to General Motors, Donald Trump tweeted this: ‘General Motors is sending Mexican made models of Chevy Cruze to U.S. car dealers-tax free across border. Make in the U.S.A. or pay a big border tax!’
(Image: 04/01/2017  |  Tim Harrup

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