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Toyota relies on Nvidia AI for automated driving

Nvidia and Toyota will be working together on the development of autonomous driving technology. The former will be delivering artificial intelligence hardware and software to the latter to enhance autonomous driving capabilities of systems that will be market ready in a couple of years.

Engineering teams from both companies are already developing software on Nvidia’s Drive PX AI car computer platform that will enable Toyota vehicles to better understand the massive volume of data generated by the multitude of vehicle sensors, and to handle the broad spectrum of autonomous driving situations, the press release reads.

AI, and specifically deep learning, is crucial to the development of self-driving vehicles, particularly because of its ability to recognize and respond to the nearly infinite number of scenarios encountered on the road.

"Through this collaboration, we intend to accelerate the development of autonomous driving systems that are even more safe and capable" said Ken Koibuchi, executive general manager at Toyota.

"We're combining breakthroughs in AI and high performance computing to build Nvidia Drive PX, the brain of the autonomous car. Today's announcement with Toyota is the strongest indication that this autonomous future will soon become a reality”, chief executive officer and founder of Nvidia Jensen Huang declared.

Picture copyright: Toyota, 2017

14/05/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

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