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Strategy previews for Brazil: Innovation is the keyword

What will you do to improve its success in Brazil over the coming years? Here's a preview of the near-future strategy of five major players on the Brazilian fleet market.

Joao Andrade, CEO Localiza Fleet Solutions:
Localiza Business Platform manages over 117,000 cars, 33,160 of those in car leasing with Localiza Fleet Solutions and around 84,000 in short-term rental with Localiza rent a car.
“Key to our strategy next year will be sustaining the differentiated perception of our qualities, which we will monitor by measuring customer satisfaction. We expect nothing less than the highest satisfaction levels. We also want to invest intensively in innovation, offering smarter solutions that add insight and value for our clients”.
Pascal Vitantonio, General Manager ALD Automotive Brazil:
ALD Automotive Brazil manages 22,000 vehicles in Brazil, growing at double digit speed for the fourth year in a row. 
“We're working hard at implementing our proven strategy of providing clients with customised, value-added and continuously improving fleet management solutions. This is aimed at building long-term relationships. Which is why we have a very low loss rate when renewing contracts, and rising satisfaction rates. We pioneer innovative solutions in car sharing, CO2 compensation, driver benefits, telematics integration – not just in Brazil, but also in the rest of the region”.
Fabio Meira, Direct Sales Manager Fiat, FCA Brazil:
“Our main goal in Brazil is to establish long-lasting relationship with our clients. We want to be known as a reliable partner of corporate car fleet managers, not just a supplier. We are doing this through a consistent and coherent business model, which meets our clients’ needs”.
Arnault Leglaye, General Manager Arval Brazil:
Arval has a managed fleet of 17,500 vehicles in Brazil.
“One of our main strategies for 2016 will be to reach companies that still purchase their cars. We'll do this by offering a consultative approach on Lease versus Buy and products such as Sale & Lease Back. Arval can buy the company cars and manage them for the customer, assuming the risks and responsibilities related to Fleet. Another key element for will be technology: we aim to launch Arval's latest digital solutions such as telematics and Arval Smart Experience embedded products also in Brazil”.
Sergio Rego Monteiro Filho, Institucional and Sustainability Director Ecofrotas:
Ecofrotas has 14,700 customers who own together 860,000 vehicles. To meet all the fleet demands, the company provides the partnership with 17,000 gas stations and 15,000 mechanical workshops. 
“In the near future, we will be highlighting a number of ambitions. For starters, we want to further improve the remote access service to as many after-sales customers as possible. We want to grow remote sales to smaller clients. We want to promote the outsourcing of maintenance with clients, especially for those who have their own fleet. We want to improve finance control. We want to increase the visibility of the inventory of CO2 emissions, with the aim to educate our clients. And last but not least, we want to emphasise our carbon credit project, for migration from gasoline to ethanol.

Fabio Costa, Managing Director LeasePlan Brazil
LeasePlan manages approximately 10.000 cars in Brazil. "We expect to continue to grow in 2016 by offering the best value on fleet management. Our services support our clients' strategies to optimize their fleet costs, improve their fleet related processes and controlling their fleets environmental impact. Even in trouble times our mission is to make it easy for them. LeasePlan is a global company, managing 1.5 million cars around the globe with harmonized products and processes. Our global scale is also reflected in Brazil. We are constantly investing in bringing all the newest solutions and experiences from other more mature markets to Brazil."

02/12/2015  |  Steven Schoefs


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