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Sao Paulo pushes measures to increase vehicle sales

São Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin, with the support of president Michel Temer, is pushing measures to boost Brazil's economy by increasing vehicle sales in the country's most populous state.

During the 27th congress and expo of national vehicle distribution federation, Fenabrave, which took place from August 8-9, Alckmin pushed three key initiatives.  

Besides tractor program Pro-trator which cuts sales tax on tractors to help support the agriculture industry, he highlighted automobile program Pro-veículo which offers the immediate return of ICMS interstate tax on investments made in the automotive industry. The latter should be in effect until the end of the year. 

The governor also highlighted that São Paulo should be the first state to kick off Renave, a vehicle stock registering system aimed at reducing red tape during the purchase and sale of new and used cars at dealerships.
Renave, which came into effect in July, will work hand-in-hand with the federal revenue and state finance departments, as well as traffic departments Denatran and Detran.

Home to some 45,000 residents which represent more than a third of Brazil's GDP, the state of São Paulo is the most populated and affluent state in Brazil. 11/08/2017  |  Daniel Bland


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