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Russia to America by road...?

Russiaof course remains a superpower, even though the country is now economically weakened because of the sanctions imposed by the west as a consequence of the Russian involvement in the war in the eastern part of Ukraine. But Moscow want to show the world that there is still enough money available for major infrastructure works. A few weeks ago the Russian Academy for Sciences proposed a plan to president Vladimir Putin. Scientists had examined the possibility of building the largest motorway in the world. This would in fact be a 20,000 km motorway linking Europe to America. An old dream set to become true. Or still just a dream?

Stimulating the economy and tourism

According to the plan, the motorway would start in the west of the country and run over the whole country including Siberia to the far east. A tunnel starting at the Siberian coast line would make it possible to reach Alaska. So the connection between Europe and America by road would become a reality. It is of course  a little bit too early to dream about a car trip of a few weeks between the center of Europe and the center of the United States. The objectives of the Russians are nevertheless simple: stimulating the economy and also stimulating tourism so that their country can reinforce its position as a superpower. But one thing isn’t fully clear yet, and that is the way this motorway can be financed.

5,000 km longer than Highway One

If realized, the Trans -Russian motorway would become the longest motorway in the world, 5,000 km longer than Highway One. With a length of 15,000 km this highway around Australia is currently the number one. Vladimir Fortov, director of The Russian Academy for Sciences, explained in the Siberian Times that the motorway would give a boost to the development of the eastern part of Russia. Nevertheless the question arises as to whether the United States will support the Russian plans. It is clear that the economic advantages of building the motorway will at first be seen in Russia. The chances are rather slim that American companies will get the approval of their government to help finance these plans. The last thing Washington wants is a stronger Russia. 19/05/2015  |  Jos Sterk


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