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PSA takes on Uber with robo-cabs

French carmaker PSA has announced a partnership with American start-up NuTonomy in a bid to develop entirely autonomous vehicles for ride-hailing, reports Le Figaro. By 2020, it wants to have thousands of robo-cabs buzzing around in large European and North-American cities under its proprietary Free2Move brand.

NuTomony is a spin off from the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). It will be testing two specially adapted Peugeot 3008s in Singapore, where it has a local office and is involved in local Uber competitor Grab. The cars will be tested on public roads as from September. It is the start-up’s goal to have the first robo-taxis commercially operational in the Asian city-state by 2018.

“We’re confident that working with Groupe PSA will bring us closer to our goal of deploying a safe, efficient, fully autonomous mobility-on-demand transportation service for urban driving environments,” NuTonomy CEO and co-founder Karl lagnemma said in a statement. “This collaboration is a significant step towards fully autonomous vehicles, which will enable us to offer different mobility solutions to our customers,” declared PSA business lab official Anne Laliron.

Picture copyright: PSA/NuTonomy, 2017
  04/05/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

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