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Private lease, digital capability among priorities of upbeat Turkish fleet suppliers for 2017

With the Turkish fleet market predicted to make significant gains this year, how are the main players in the market planning to tap into that growth, and make sure their slice of the increasingly large pie gets bigger as well? All suppliers are equally upbeat, but their answers reveal a range of strategies and priorities. 
“LeasePlan Turkey plans to grow faster than the overall fleet market (predicted to increase by 18% this year, ed.)”, says Turkay Oktay, the company’s General Manager. “But we want to do this in a controlled way, by using different channels to tap all the various market segments”, he says, in the certainty that the company's size and maturity will allow him to follow through on that ambition.
Over at vdf Filo, a relatively young company, General Manager Ali Kemal Uluer has a slightly different message: “Precisely because we are a relatively young company, our first priority is to grow a portfolio, but to do so in a very efficient way”.
“So our aim is to be in the field as much as possible, and listen to our customers to find out what their exact requirements are. Then we will tailor-make solutions that fit their needs. It is with that in mind that we are also currently developing our digital channels: in order to respond quickly to the needs of our customers, we will be offering tools for online reporting, and apps that our drivers can download on their mobile phones”.
Digital capability
TEB Arval, a home-grown subsidiary of the Arval group, exudes the confidence of its parent company. “Our mission is to deliver the most relevant full-service car leasing solutions to businesses of any size, through consulting and services that understand and meet the requirements of customers and drivers”, says Philippe Chabert, Managing Director. 
To achieve that goal and to make fleet management easier for its clients, “strong digital capability is our first priority. We provide expert advice, which is doing much more than simply car leasing”, Chabert explains. “Service quality, cost-effective offers, driver satisfaction and reporting tools based on digital solutions are all helping to provide a consistent added value for our customers. Not the least of which is that they can focus on their core business”. 
“And finally, one of our main priorities is deliver Service Quality, which we achieve by increasing our client satisfaction and driver satisfaction scores in post-event surveys”. 
Digital experience
DRD Fleet Leasing is the largest homegrown operational leasing supplier in Turkey, with 33,000 cars under management last year and more than 9,000 customers – global and local across many sectors, and individuals. “We have an important market share of around 10%”, says Ilkay Ersoy, General Manager. “And in the framework of our micro-market strategy, we are present throughout Turkey, in 14 different cities, with 24 sales points and a network of 1,400 contracted workshops that offer a broad range of service and maintenance options”. 
DRD aims to create a digital experience for its customers, and is investing in apps, customer satisfaction measurement and CRM for sales channels – Salesforce, to be exact – to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of its sales.
“The ultimate aim is to provide higher-quality services and generate better customer satisfaction”.
Those customers will include those of a new type: “This year, we are taking an important step, and introduce private leasing”.
24/05/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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