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Pascal Serres: Seizing the opportunity in Latin America

'The mobility sector is changing rapidly and will totally transform our societies of tomorrow. And I am eager to get even more involved in that transformation', says Pascal Serres. The former ALD Automotive top executive has set up his own consultancy, and will work closely with Nexus Communication – the publisher of Fleet Europe, Global Fleet and Smart Mobility Management. So, what does the future bring for Pascal Serres and for mobility in general?

For a decade and a half, Pascal Serres was one of ALD Automotive's top executives. As Deputy CEO (since 2008), he was instrumental in the company's expansion into Latin America. For his contributions to the fleet and lease industry, Pascal was inducted into the International Fleet Hall of Fame at the 2013 Fleet Europe Awards in Prague. Pascal Serres said goodbye to ALD last month, but is very excited with the rapid transformation of the mobility industry and he now decided to run his own consultancy, called Moby-D.
“The name was my daughter's idea. Of course, the first bit refers to mobility. The D stands for Design Thinking. That term describes the process of creative development. Together, the name stands for: 'designing the mobility of the future'.”
Why start your own company now?
“The mobility sector is changing rapidly and will totally transform our societies of tomorrow. In a few decades, autonomous vehicles and drones will have displaced the traditional car, and completely reshaped our cities. Our shopping will arrive by drone on our balconies. Everybody will be able to move much more freely than today. And I am eager to get even more involved in that transformation. I have a proven track record, a good network and the ambition to help shape the future. Now is the time to do it.”
“I will be able to have a broader perspective than in my previous job. I want to get involved in thinking and acting towards change – consulting, training, participating in conferences, perhaps even supporting innovation by taking a share in certain companies”.
You're also partnering with Nexus Communication.
“Which is a great opportunity, as Nexus Communication manages the premier information networks for professional mobility players – in Europe, and perhaps the world. And Nexus Communication is not limiting itself to vehicle fleets, but is expressly expanding into the entire spectrum of professional mobility, up to and including innovative solutions such as car-sharing”.
What exactly will you do for Nexus Communication?
“Firstly, to do for Latin America what they already did for Europe: build a platform that brings together the main actors in the fleet and mobility industry, thus helping to lift the industry to a higher level. So we're really looking to create a Fleet Latin America, similar to Fleet Europe”.
“Further down the line, we also will further develop the Smart Mobility Management platform, and work out ways to share experience and provide training”.
Why the focus on Latin America?
“Fleet management in Latin America is relatively immature and inefficient. That means that there is great scope for improvement – which will happen, because the demand for it is increasing. That is the opportunity, and we will seize it”. 19/04/2017  |  Steven Schoefs


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