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Nissan launches car-sharing in Japan

Nissan has launched a service in Yokohama allowing customers to rent electric cars for short distances. Choimobi Yokohama is a car-sharing scheme uses Renault Twizy vehicles re-badged as Nissans.
Nissan previously initiated B2B car-sharing for corporates under the name Nissan Car Sharing. The brand has also launched an offer to share Micras between multiple drivers. With Choimobi Yokohama, Nissan broadens its range of mobility offers even further. 
The service is the result of a three-year pilot, is based around fourteen vehicle stations to deposit and recharge vehicles, and for now uses only Nissan New Mobility Concept vehicles (pictured) – the Japanese nomenclature for what is essentially a Renault Twizy. 
Users require a driving license and a bank card, and pay €1.6 per booking and €2 per quarter of an hour. In the long term, Nissan plans to extend the service to leasing formulas for corporations.
Image: public domain
17/03/2017  |  Frank Jacobs

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