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New heads-up display from Russian entrepreneur

The technology both inside and outside of cars is changing at an incredibly fast rate, as the development of the auto of the future races on at full speed. Everybody is talking about electric cars, fuel cells (hydrogen) as an engine source, connected autos, autonomous vehicles or even flying cars. These stories are mostly not reality yet, but scientists are already exploring other paths. One thing is certain: the car of the future will be sophisticated, full of technological gadgets. Science will make being part of the traffic not only easier, but also safer. A young Russian company has designed something that has the capacity to accelerate this process.
Projecting the road on the windscreen
A new app turns the windscreen of your car into a navigation system and this app has been developed by a Russian company called Hudway. CEO Ivan Klabukov explained how this app allows drivers to project images onto the windscreen of the car by using their smartphone. Hudway is now working hard to fine tune the Hudway Glass (the name of the app) to make it useful in all weather circumstances. The functioning of the hardware is very simple: the driver downloads his route on the smartphone. By putting the smartphone image onto the windscreen, it will be possible to read the road on the windscreen. This app could put an end to the era of the GPS.
Very affordable
Klabukov explained at the CeBit tech fair in Hannover that this app is affordable for any car driver. The price is about 40 Euros, which means that the Hudway Glass can become a must have for every car owner. A similar technology is already available on the market, but only for buyers of BWM’s or other luxury cars. Their apps are a lot more expensive, the price of the card amounts to about Euros. The big advantage of the Hudway Glass also lies in the fact that that this solution is not embedded in the car, by contrst with its more expensive competitors. His company is, according to Klabukov, now working at new software, aimed to be sold to car manufacturers. 24/03/2015  |  Jos Sterk

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