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New EV benefits in New Zealand

Operators of electric vehicles in New Zealand are set to benefit from rule changes, reports the Xinhuanet website, which will see heavy electric vehicles exempt from road user charges and potentially allow drivers of electric vehicles to use bus and high occupancy lanes.
New Zealand Transport Minister Simon Bridges made the statement on Wednesday, the website goes on to say announcing that from Sept. 1, heavy EVs will be exempt from road user charges, which otherwise apply to vehicles that do not pay for petrol at the pump, until they make up 2% of New Zealand's heavy vehicle fleet.
Light EVs are already exempt from paying road user charges until Dec. 31, 2021. “On top of all of the other benefits that EVs generate, extending this exemption to heavy EVs will offer a significant cost reduction to the operators of these vehicles”, Bridges said.
(Image: 10/08/2017  |  Tim Harrup


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