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Moving into Turkey, looking for consistency

Some international companies may be hesitating when it comes to what needs to be or can be done in terms of fleet management in the near future in Turkey. We asked a number of local fleet about their top tips with regard to fleet management optimisation in Turkey.
The Turkish economy, it is believed, has a solid base and potential to grow more strongly than many countries despite recent events within and around the country. Fleet managers may, therefore, plan for more flexibility within their fleets and it is recommended to choose the right and trust-worthy partners to cope with this fast changing environment. And as purchasing gives way to renting, fleet managers will find a more familiar landscape within which to work. Further growth potential of the vehicle leasing market will continue to attract more and more foreign interest as well.
It should not be forgotten that witha total land area of 783,562 square kilometers, the Turkish market and its fleet management potential are not to be overlooked. But what are the elements that a company wishing to operate in the whole of the country should look out for?  
Professional structures
First and foremost it is important to understand the Turkish market. Turkey as a fleet management market gains maturity when it comes to outsourcing, car leasing, reporting and TCO control, but compared to Western European countries, the U.S. market, Australia or Canada it is still in the developing phase, with local preferences and specifications in terms of taxation and legislation. For example, 4 doors sedan cars are very popular, and full service leasing of commercial vehicles is legally not authorised. Understanding the market and its market dynamics is essential.

So a company will need to have, either itself or through a partner, a professional management structure and long standing industry experience. On the operational side, it should look to receive non-stop road assistance support 24 hours per day, and within the same logic, ensure it can benefit from fast, flexible, and high-quality after-sales services for periodic maintenance, damage repair and mechanical repair.
A country-wide operation throughout this vast territory will also mean striving to obtain the same service quality standards throughout Turkey. And this will require easy access to all necessary data for the effective management of fleets with a detailed online reporting system.
Technology will also play a part in ensuring smooth fleet operations in Turkey. To assist with mobility and hassle-free driving, mobile service applications through smart phones, and allied operations such as easy access to various services are very relevant, especially for assistance help during emergency and accident situations.
Evolving picture
For international companies, current uneasiness surrounding an extension of current investments and new investment will begin to fade in the short-run. As international companies are known for their experience in cost management, they may be expected to use global practices more within their Turkish subsidiaries. The switch from a price to a cost concept driven fleet management will be beneficial but can take time due to local resistance and lack of understanding of the opportunities that can be gained via a cost effective fleet management. 
And along with the fact of considering KPI’s of the types outlined above, necessary for successful fleet management, companies should obtain effective solutions that meet needs and expectations of the local employees. It is useful to visit customer relations departments and some of the agencies of the fleet leasing company.
  21/09/2016  |  Tim Harrup


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