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Moovel figures out which kind of startups it wants to 'accelerate'

Moovel, Daimler's mobility platform, is looking to support up to six mobility startups via its subsidiary MobilityX.

Headquartered in Austin TX, MobilityX consists of three parts: education outreach and frequent meetings, which both began in the spring of this year; and an accelerator – which has now determined the types of startups it wants to engage for three-to-six-month programmes. 
What the accelerator is not looking for, are startups focused on the development of self-drive, rideshare or carshare software and/or apps. In these fields, the major players have already been established, the company argues.
Rather, MobilityX wants to support platforms or apps that support the variety of mobility services that have emerged over the past few years. This is because today's challenge is to make services more efficient by bringing them under one umbrella so they are accessible to as many people as possible.
Image: MobilityX
04/08/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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