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Mercedes brings revamped S-Class to Shanghai

In a bid to take yet another leap forwards into the universe if hyper luxurious, automated, electrified driving and leave its competitors behind, Mercedes has re-engineered its flagship limousine, the world premiere of which is reserved for Auto Shanghai next week.

The most revolutionary innovation is undoubtedly the 48 Volt technology, which includes an integrated starter-alternator and an electric booster compressor, making the S-Class a ‘mild hybrid’ and contributing to lower fuel consumption and emissions. Mercedes also announces the arrival of a new plug-in model with an e-range of 50 kilometres.

Regarding driver assistance systems, the facelifted S-Class’s Distronic Active Proximity Control and Active Steer Assist now provide more comfortable support for the driver to keep a safe distance and steer. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or junctions.

This is complemented by a considerably improved Active Lane Change Assist and additional functions of the Active Emergency Stop Assist, the press release reads.

The S-Class was the best-selling luxury saloon in the world in 2016. Mercedes introduced the current model in 2013 and sold over 300,000 units worldwide.

Picture copyright: Mercedes-Benz, 2017  13/04/2017  |  Dieter Quartier


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