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Localiza buys Hertz Brazil

Localiza, largest rental car company in both Brazil and all of South America, has acquired Hertz Brazil for $100 Million. 
The acquisition is part of a strategic partnership between Localiza and Hertz that encompasses co-branding in Brazil and marketing under the Localiza brand in other markets, as well as customer referrals and technology and information exchange. 
Localiza customers outside of South America will be referred to Hertz. In the U.S. and other markets, Hertz will display the Localiza logo at key airport locations. Conversely, Hertz customers in Brazil will be referred to Localiza, which will be branded Localiza Hertz in many locations. 
Hertz Brazil includes both rental and leasing activities. Pending approval by Brazilian regulatory authorities, both companies will continue to operate independently. 
Image: Localiza/Hertz
27/02/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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