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LeasePlan USA upgrades three offers

After a number of high-profile personnel changes, LeasePlan USA is now redesigning its product offer, reports Auto Remarketing.
The lease company, which recently appointed Jeffrey Schlesinger as new president and CEO as well as a new regional sales VP, is enhancing safety features for ePlan for Drivers, its online fleet management tool. This will allow drivers to get a better overview of their safety training history, better manager their motor vehicle records, among other advantages.
The company also launched an improved version of its Life Cycle Cost Analysis tool, offering a streamlined interface with a wizard function and expanded comparison parameters. The LCCA offers depreciation and maintenance projections and other actionable info, helping customers decide which vehicles to include in their fleet.
Customers of LeasePlan USA also also get an enhanced executive summary, offering fleet managers a comprehensive look at operating costs, and allowing them to improve their budgeting. 
“These latest innovations are just a stepping stone to the next iteration of our app. We are excited to launch MyLeasePlan’s enhanced mobility solutions in April at NAFA’s Institute & Expo,” said Kristofer Bush, pictured, marketing VP at LeasePlan USA.
Image: LinkedIn 
20/03/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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