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Kony builds app for Localiza

Corporate mobility company Kony has helped develop a new mobile app for the customer loyalty programme of Localiza, the largest rental car company in Brazil. 
Developed and delivered quickly via Kony's own apps platform, the new Localliza app allows its customers to make, check and cancel car reservations, choose a car model, and speed up the car collection process. Additionally, Kony helped Localiza rebuild the rent-a-car application used by its employees for checking in and processing vehicles. 
Kony Visualizer provided the development tools, rapid feedback, and seamless integration with legacy systems that allowed Localiza to design and launch both apps within four months.
Thanks to the streamlined workflow, Localiza was able to deliver new features to its rent-a-car dvision, and introduce new apps to its retail sales and fleet management groups. 
For retail sales, the mobile app allows dealers to research vehicles, view car registry, and check prices. The fleet management app allows enterprise customers to view fleet inventory, view employee usage, schedule vehicle maintenance, and provide data on car use and trends.
Image: Localiza
23/06/2017  |  Frank Jacobs

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