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Kiwi EV start-up Mevo expanding to Australia

New Zealand-based electric-vehicle start-up Mevo is serious about expanding into Australia: the Kiwis are in talks with local governments in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to offer their products and services in those major Ozzie cities. 
In its home base of Wellington, Mevo is already offering a fleet of hybrid-electric Audis to the public via a membership-based service. The company aims to be present in five cities in Australia and New Zealand with up to 2000 vehicles by 2023, with an EV-sharing service not dissimilar to schemes currently on offer in world cities such as Vancouver, Seattle and Madrid.
According to Mevo co-founder Erik Zydervelt, the big cities in Australia and New Zealand need to invest in similar schemes to avoid losing their attractiveness as world-class destinations: 
“With over 5000 cities of scale around the world, it's incredibly competitive to be seen as a desirable place for migration. More and more people can live in any city in Australia or New Zealand, so you have to consider why we choose to live where we do. It's up to the cities if they want to compete on the world stage and mobility-as-a-service is very much becoming the norm in global leading cities. People tend to vote with their feet or with their phones”.
Image: Mevo
24/07/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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