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KAR upgrades U.S. online sales platform

Over the next three years, KAR Auction Services will invest up to $25 million in an upgrade of its online sales platform. The project, dubbed 'New Wave', will kick off later this year, and result in a “next-generation online solution”, CEO Jim Hallett (pictured) was quoted as saying by Auto Remarketing magazine.
In 2015, around 592,000 vehicles were sold upstream via KAR's online sales platform. Last year, that figure had increased to almost 750,000 vehicles. Generating around $80 million in annual revenue, the platform is the most profitable of all the company’s offerings. And New Wave is aimed at keeping KAR, a business unit of ADESA,  a step ahead of the competition. 
The central aim of the redesign: innovate to simplify, giving the user easy, seamless access to the information. “(The new platform) will also integrate the advanced analytics, pricing and reporting capabilities generated by KAR’s Data Science Solutions team”, according to Hallett.
Image: Fleet Europe
23/02/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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