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Israel builds first wireless EV-charging road

An Israeli start-up called Electroad has constructed the first road that can recharge electric vehicles while they drive. Electromagnets and copper cables are integrated into the road surface and connected to lateral poles, which transmit the electricity. Equipped with an add-on receiving system in their chassis, EVs can charge while driving over the electromagnets.

The idea is not new, but Israel beat everyone to it by effectively building a public EV charging road. Electroad says every existing road can be converted to an e-road, at a speed of one kilometre per day. By next year, the city of Eilat at the Red Sea should be connected to its Ramon airport using Electroad’s DWPT system (Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer).

This system has many advantages. It achieves a high efficiency in sharing energy between vehicles within the grid and it boasts an attractive price-tag in terms of operation per km, infrastructure and maintenance. Moreover, it would obsolete the need for large vehicle batteries –which increase weight and make EVs expensive.

Picture copyright: Electroad, 2017 07/08/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

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