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Didi and Careem in strategic partnership |  Didi Chuxing China's dominant mobile transportation platform has agreed to a strategic partnership with Careem the main ride-hailing and 09/08/2017 | More news | Africa Middle-East

Dubai deploys robo-cops |  The police force of Dubai one of the United Arab Emirates is to start using self-driving vehicles for basic 04/07/2017 | Green and Safety | Africa Middle-East

Dubai gets ready for autonomous taxi drones |  In a bid to become the first city in the world to feature autonomous urban mobility Dubai is pulling out 20/03/2017 | | Africa Middle-East

Dutch build largest driverless fleet in Dubai |  Tech company 2getthere has been awarded a major new mobility contract in Dubai. The Dutch sustainable mobility solutions developer 17/03/2017 | Manufacturers | Africa Middle-East

Dubai wants 25% driverless trips by 2030 |  Dubai announced this month that it will buy a total of 200 Model S sedans and Model X SUVs 17/02/2017 | Green and Safety | Manufacturers | Fleet Management | Africa Middle-East

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Dubai waves bye bye to diesel  |  Yes you read that right.  Dubai the capital of the oil-rich state of United Arab Emirates is making the headlines 12/02/2015 | Green and Safety | Africa Middle-East

The driverless car: Not if, but when |  Is the driverless car still very far off? It seems not. The first autonomous cars are already being marketed right 05/04/2013 | Manufacturers | Global

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In this section, you will read interviews with fleet management suppliers, leasing companies, OEMs and third party providers.

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Fleet Management Update of the main MEA markets |  04/04/2017 | Africa Middle-East | Markets | Manufacturers

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