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Increasing safety concerns from travelers

The Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) has published a report which highlights growing concerns from executives about personal safety when traveling.
The study, ‘Checking In: Servicing the Multifaceted Modern Business Traveller’, finds that more than half (56%) of corporate buyers have seen an increase in the number of business travellers reporting heightened personal safety concerns over the past three months, and 25% say they have seen increased requests for security training over the past six months. In addition, 54% say travellers have expressed growing worry about traveling to the United States as changes to visa requirements and immigration policies loom.
Greeley Koch, executive director of ACTE, comments:  “The pace of change—and the amount of anxiety—in the corporate travel industry has accelerated tremendously over the past three to six months, and it will be critical for companies to stay ahead of the curve if their employees are to remain productive and happy on the road. Luckily, travel technologies are evolving just as fast—if not faster—and offering executives and planners new tools to address happiness, safety and security”.
The report goes on to say that in response to these challenges, a majority (87%) of buyers report plans to improve safety training, with one third having introduced these changes already. Some 14% plan to roll out new programs over the next one to two years, and 40% are discussing changes internally.
Connectivity remains a requirement of corporate travel, with new technologies offering travellers multiple avenues to communicate with colleagues globally—and buyers are looking to expand these options. Of those questioned, 89% say they have introduced, will introduce or are currently discussing new booking apps, while 88% and 82% are taking a similar approach with trip information and T&E management apps, respectively. 26/04/2017  |  Tim Harrup


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