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Ford's Chariot enters New York

Chariot, the ride-share company acquired by Ford last year, will soon to New York. Earlier this year, Chariot entered Austin and Seattle. By year's end, the plan is for the company to have expanded to eight cities globally. 
In August, Chariot will launch two planned service areas in Manhattan and Brooklyn. By the autumn, Chariot should have 60 vehicles throughout the city. The flat rate per ride is $4. Customers can crowd-source additional routes. 
The company uses 12-seater Ford Transit vans to shuttle passengers between their homes and their destinations – often train or subway stations and other transit centres. Real-time traffic data is used to determine the most effective route. Research shows each Chariot van removes about 10 cars from the road. 
Image: Ford
28/07/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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