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Fleet Management Checklist Brazil

So you are an international fleet manager, and you have just been assigned Brazil. Of course your mind drifts to images of beautiful people on beautiful beaches, playing football and dancing. But then reality kicks in again: What should really be on your checklist? We asked your colleagues, so you do not have to.

* First understand the peculiarities of the local legislation, security issues and level of driver education. Then create a policy that considers these dimensions and that informs drivers and managers of the rules to be followed.
* Examine which makes and models the competition uses, and try to understand how and why. This could bring clarity to the choices your car policy has to make, creating considerable cost reduction, driver satisfaction and talent retention.
* Base your car selection criteria not just on a good, cost-efficient model mix between your fleet's segments, but also on the fact that prices, availability and even continuation of commercial strategies for certain models can change very rapidly.
* Fleet providers have a role to play in helping their customers execute a successful car policy, also taking into account the client's strategy regarding talent retention, efficient operations and even brand positioning.
* Specifically, consider that a company car in Brazil is both a tool and a benefit, and a pretty important one. This will require a fine balance of such criteria as contract duration, buyback options, operational processes to set up during the lifecycle, etc.
* In a country where road safety is far from a priority, but the cost of insuring a badly performing fleet can be prohibitive, it pays to have some mechanisms in place that enforce positive driver behaviour, such as strict rules on private use, traffic fine management and reducing theft risk.
* Fuel fraud (even by the local fleet manager) can be an issue for companies without adequate fleet management refueling services. A Fleet Management solution can include a negotiation of the fuel price per liter, which helps reducing costs.  02/12/2015  |  Frank Jacobs


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