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Exclusive Video Tips of 10 top experts at 2016 Global Fleet Conference

The 2016 edition of the Global Fleet Conference (GFC) in Brussels, was a success with around 300 participants coming from 30 countries across the globe.

The 2016 Global Fleet Conference target is clear: to bring to you the best tips and information on the latest fleet management evolutions, supporting your future global fleet management.

This year we bring to you all the information via a comprehensive unique video coverage of the Global Fleet Conference!

In concrete, you will be able to see all the top highlights of the 2016 Global Fleet through the video messages of 10 international experts and fleet specialists. These 10 videos will provide you with a precise summary of the 10 conference speakers’ presentations.

You will find a clear overview of what was discussed during the GFC in an engaging way.

Don’t miss these 10 exclusive GFC videos.

06/06/2016  |  Antigone Vokou


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