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EU car market grew 6.8% in 2016

ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, has published its Economic and Market report for Q4 2016. The report contains the latest figures on registrations, production and trade of cars and commercial vehicles, as well as data on the economy as such for the whole past year. Some key takeaways: 
Car volumes
→ 14.6 million new cars were registered in Europe in 2016, up 6.8% compared to 2015 and representing the third consecutive year of growth.
→ Globally, 77.3 million passenger cars were sold, 5.5% more than in previous year.
→ 49.5% of all new cars registered in Western Europe ran on diesel, more than two percentage points less than in 2015.
→ In the EU‐15, diesel’s market share fell from 52.1% to 49.9%.
→ 609,629 alternative-fuel vehicles were registered in the EU, up 4.1% year on year. That is still only 4.2% of total EU car registrations, which is roughly similar to 2015.
→ Electrically chargeable vehicles made up for about 1% of all car registrations.
Production and export
→ EU car production increased by 2.7%, totalling 16.5 million units and almost reaching pre‐crisis levels (16.6 million cars in 2007). 
→ The EU accounted for more than 21% of global passenger car production last year.
→ The EU exported about 5.5 million passenger cars, worth around €125 billion. The U.S. remained the main external market, with exports totalling €38 billion.
Commercial vehicles
→ The EU market for commercial vehicles expanded by 11.7% to more than 2.3 million. 
→ Commercial vehicle production grew by 5.9%, reaching 3.5 million.
→ Commercial vehicle exports from the EU increased by 59.1%.
Download the entire report here.
Image: ACEA
19/04/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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