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Eqstra: At the forefront of fleet management solution

Eqstra Fleet Management (EFM) has been operating for over 29 years and is a key player in both South Africa and the Southern Africa corporate fleet sector. The company has transformed itself from an operating lease supplier to a services company dedicated to delivering a total corporate fleet management solution.

Whilst Southern Africa, and South Africa in particular, experience the same fleet operating challenges as anywhere in the globe, it is the emphasis on certain aspects of fleet operations that are uniquely different. With the high inflation in South Africa, residual values are largely neutralised, but those elements such as fuel management, security of the drivers and vehicles, together with insurance management and cost control have a real focus in South Africa.
“Eqstra has recognised these unique needs and provides its customers with comprehensive, pertinent and excellent all-encompassing fleet service modules that provide effective tools for the fleet manager to improve the fleet costs, reduce criminal opportunities and protect their employee asset,” explains Head of Fleet Solutions Hein du Plessis

I.T. System

The key to providing these services to its customers is not only adequate hardware, but in the IT capabilities and software design.
Eqstra has invested heavily in the design of a new ERP system that effectively consolidates all fleet related spend into one cost overview per vehicle/ cost centre/ company. The system is accessible online and provides the pertinent fleet data at the touch of a button, allowing customers with complete and relevant information.

Fuel Management

Eqstra has established that the driver behaviour has the single biggest influence upon just how well a fleet will perform. A great many fleet owners remain fixated on the finance aspects in running a fleet, but it only now accounts for 35% of the total costs.
To manage fuel costs, a customer requires accurate data, quickly provided. And du Plessis to emphasize: “Via Eqstra’s Net One fuel card, vehicles and drivers are recognised electronically via fuel forecourt and mobile telephone technology. Current kilometre readings, location, transaction data and the asset are all recognised automatically during the fuel purchase exercise.”
Subsequent fuel reports are funnelled down to Cent per Kilometre and exception reports. The customer now has the necessary tools to actively and effectively manage the fuel costs incurred by the company fleet drivers (including Car Allowance drivers).

It is all about reducing cost

“Eqstra has recognised that it is the management of the fleet and its drivers that will reduce fleet costs effectively and in a significant way,” concludes du Plessis.
The usual way in reducing costs is to squeeze the suppliers, change the car policy to provide smaller cars etc., etc. And this will continue, but it is the receipt of pertinent fleet data, recommendations the supplier and proactive customer management that will make the most significant cost savings. 15/09/2014  |  Tony Elliott


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