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Draw your own Mexican road with expert advice

Faced with factors influencing the Mexican fleet market such as fleet sales predictions for 2016 (15-20% of growth), economic and political decisions (Federal Government forced to reduce spending for the Automotive sector to reduce its account deficit), new CO2 limitation to respect,… implementing a strong fleet policy in Mexico is no easy ride for international corporate fleet managers.
Some experts give their tips to fleet managers eager to be in control of their fleet in Mexico.

Understand the market specificities
The Mexican market is a growing one but also a complex one. “Our country has more than 6,000 kilometres from tip to tip, and all the road tax is administrated locally by each state; consequently we have 32 different way of doing it”, says Luis Francisco Pérez Ehlinger, Commercial Manager for Fleet and Trucks, Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico.
Due to this split territory, one big challenge is the availability and consistency of information when the international corporate fleet managers look for reliable and timely information. “It´s very difficult to find consistency in prices nationwide as well as integration of the information that each supplier generates”, adds Luis Francisco Pérez Ehlinger.
Same opinion for David Madrigal, President of Element Fleet Management Mexico, fleet managers “need to understand Mexico’s market country specific differences like model availability from different OEMs, procurement process (stock vs. OEM direct), driver/user buy out options at end of term, licensing / titling requirements & times vary in each state, fuel options & coverage.”

Rely on good partners
Faced with this challenge, it’s important to “find the right partner to be well-positioned to navigate the market and respond to challenges as they occur”, says Victor Campuzano Pieras, Director of Sales and Marketing, ARIZA. What are the qualities of this gem? “One that works with you to understand your goals and your strategy for the market. One that has a deep knowledge of the market but also has the drive to provide the latest innovative products, services and technology. One that will be flexible enough to adapt as you grow and can adjust to changing conditions if necessary.”
And if you decide to opt for the purchasing solution, Miguel Gonzales, Fleet Director, GM Mexicorecommends to be supported by “a wide and qualified dealer network that supports sales and aftersales”. “It is very important to evaluate in an objective and careful way the brand you will grow your business with, in addition to taking into account maintenance and aftersales services that support such investment”.
Act glocally
For some of our experts, the right partner has to be a global one with local branches.
“Managing a vehicle fleet in a single country is challenging, but managing a global fleet across many countries is exponentially harder”, says Tjahny Bercx, CEO of LeasePlan Mexico.” It’s a complex, highly specific discipline that combines fleet management skills with an added dimension of global strategy, governance, policy, cost control and social responsibility. It’s important to create a harmonized and standardized local fleet policy in accordance with a global fleet police with all local considerations accounted for.”
And Luis Francisco Pérez Ehlinger, Commercial Manager for Fleet and Trucks, Volkswagen Financial Services Mexico concludes: “Given [the Mexican] context my recommendation is to search for global partners that have a nationwide coverage, that they are leaders in the Mexican market with the support of their headquarters”.

Think long term
Finally, the green and mobility challenges also impact on the Mexican landscape.
For Luis Cuenca, Commercial Executive Director of ALD Automotive Mexico, fleet managers have to “pursue Mobility as the ultimate endeavour instead of focusing on managing daily fleet processes.” 10/08/2016  |  Celine Gilson


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