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Coalition pushes framework for ‘digital choice’

How do you make the European digital economy for the automotive aftermarket and mobility services a reality and maintain customer choice in the digital era? By creating a robust regulatory technical framework for an interoperable, standardised, secure and safe digital in-vehicle telematics platform, according to a stakeholder coalition.

Uniting European associations representing vehicle dealers, periodic testing centres, independent publishers of technical information, manufacturers of garage test equipment, independent wholesalers, the rental and leasing industry (Leaseurope) as well as mobility clubs, the collation expressed this strong call to the European Institutions during a Policy Lunch, held in Brussels on 3 May.

“Only in this way can fair competition, innovation and entrepreneurship, and freedom of consumer choice be safeguarded, so that competitive business models can evolve to provide the benefits around the ‘connected car’ and the development of the digital economy”, the press release provided by Leaseurope reads.
10/05/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

TAGS : Leaseurope telematics 

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