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China: VW up, Audi and Skoda down

In June, VW Group delivered some 315,000 vehicles in the People’s Republic, which is 5.2 percent more than the same month last year. VW models are picking up and compensate for declining Audi and Skoda volumes, reports Automotive News.

Looking at the first half of 2017, VW Group China dropped by 10 percent to 1.83 million units, though. 1.4 million of those were Volkswagens, with the SUV models C-Trek, Tiguan and Teramont giving a helping hand. Audi is slow recovering from a dealer boycott, which ended in May after the brand decided not to roll out a second distribution network.

Skoda is equally struggling to hold its position, but expects much of its Kodiaq, which hit the Chinese market in April. Sportscar maker Porsche did exceptionally well between January and June, selling almost 18 percent more vehicles. 

Picture copyright: Skoda, 2017 26/07/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

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