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Brazil's Fenabrave pushes technology in automotive industry

Much of the focus during the 27th congress and expo of Brazil's vehicle distribution federation, Fenabrave, in São Paulo earlier this week was associated with the convergence of technology and the internet in today's automotive industry.

A number of booths at the event were that of IT and telecom marketing companies demonstrating services aimed at helping car dealers sell their cars online and by way of mobile apps.

Whether through their own advertising platforms or with the support of online giants such as Facebook and Google, some of the companies at the expo were Linx, CCM Tecnologia, OLX, and Search Optics. As for the latter, it featured marketing through Google's community-based traffic and navigation app Waze. 

Meanwhile, online car sales website which is owned by local bank Itau Unibanco was also strutting its stuff at the event. The two are pushing internet car sales supported by financing to compete with its rival which is owned by Spanish bank Santander.

Finally, vehicle evaluation company AutoAvaliar featured its AutoFlash booth which evaluates the value of a car in record time. Through electronic wire connect and a 360 degree photo, it inputs information into a database which then calculates the value of a car in about two minutes.

Featuring approximately 50 companies and 30 panel discussions, Fenabrave took place from August 8-9 in the city of São Paulo.

Besides numerous business executives, among those speaking at the event were President Michel Temer, house speaker Rodrigo Maia, finance minister Henrique Meirelles, and São Paulo governor Geraldo Alckmin. 

Picture: Fenabrave 11/08/2017  |  Daniel Bland


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