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Bosch finds self-driving partners in China

Automotive supplier Bosch is forming an autonomous-driving alliance with Baidu, the 'Chinese Google', and automotive navigation specialists AutoNavi and NavInfo Co. 
As part of the deal, Bosch radar and video sensors on cars will be used by Baidu, AutoNavi and NavInfo to generate maps needed for self-driving vehicles. 
Underlining Bosch's effort to enter the Chinese autonomous-driving market, this deal follows an alliance with Mercedes-Benz, struck in March, for developing so-called robo-taxis. 
Replacing traditional top-down manufacturing relationships, industry tie-ups with companies like Bosch have become widespread in the global race towards prominence in autonomous driving.
Meanwhile in China itself, local automakers are urging the government to relax national security restrictions on mapping, saying it could hinder the development of the country's autonomous driving sector. 
Image: Bosch
02/05/2017  |  Frank Jacobs


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