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  1. Security can be compromised
    It is amazing how much the car manufacturers now rely on electronics not only for the management of the engine but also the comfort of the driver . One manufacturer

    Andrzej Sacha - 2015-07-24 14:20:39
  2. How effective are the new safety technologies in cars?
    In today's car you are able to have a whole host of technologies to help you be safer while behind the steering wheel. Technologies like Adaptive Cruise Control to keep

    Andrzej Sacha - 2014-06-24 16:33:06

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Andrzej Sacha
Nestle - Global Fleet Solutions Manager

Andrzej Sacha is the Global Fleet Solutions Manager for Nestle's global car fleet. He provides strategic and operational direction for a fleet of around 30,000 vehicles across all parts of the world. Andrzej is the recipient of Fleet Europe's 2013 "International Fleet Safety Award" and of NAFA's 2014 "Excellence in Corporate Fleet Safety". He is engaged in all aspects of the global fleet to improve fleet safety, environmental impact and TCO.

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