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  1. Annual cost of accidents in Brazil exceeds the total invested in World Cup
    20 June 2013. More than a million people take to the streets in 388 Brazilian cities to protest. The Presidente Vargas Avenue in Rio de Janeiro is completely overrun by

    Loraine Santos - 2014-07-09 17:02:34
  2. Professional fleet management
    Ricardo De Bolle talks about the management improvement and the need for changes in the national market Commercial director of Arval Ricardo De Bolle was one of the speakers at

    Loraine Santos - 2014-06-02 15:08:02
  3. Performance with Purpose
    PepsiCO shows that keeps an eye on its drivers Imagine attending periodically about a million point-of-sales through more than seven thousand different routes. This is the scenario that Marcos Santos

    Loraine Santos - 2014-05-22 12:07:00
  4. Why is software integration for fleet management taking so much time to become a trend in Brazil?
    With the growing number of systems that the company must manage to keep its business competitive it is almost impossible to try and manage them all in isolation. When

    Loraine Santos - 2014-03-06 16:59:06

CV Bloggers

Loraine Santos
PARAR - Leader

Operating in the fleet market for over 6 years, Loraine Santos is responsible for organizing PARAR - Thinking Responsible Alternatives, Managing Fleets with Result. This is the largest movement for fleet management in Brazil, aiming to professionalize the market, organizing forums and workshops in the main Brazilian capitals about trends in the sector. On top of this, Loraine acts as GolSat marketing manager, a fleet management and tracking company, and directly monitors the reality of managers and others involved with this sector, obtaining extensive know-how on the difficulties and solutions for more efficient fleet management.

Loraine Santos' blog will focus on the main trends of the Brazilian market for light fleets, with the specific elements that the fleet manager needs to know for working in Brazil.

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