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  1. Please help save this planet! Start by doing less.
    I will shoot the next supplier who flies across the world just to show me a PowerPoint presentation on a device. The CO2 the OEM can save me in vehicle efficiencies

    Bruce MacLaren - 2013-11-07 10:18:03
  2. The European Guide to the Fleet Sourcing Universe
    What is the best way to source fleet in Europe?  Should I use single or multi-source?  What about multi-bidding?  I vowed three years ago never to engage in those conversations

    Bruce MacLaren - 2013-04-23 12:39:33

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Bruce MacLaren
Microsoft - Global Procurement Lead

Bruce MacLaren works for the Global Procurement Group at Microsoft Corporation. He has been involved with international fleets for over fifteen years. He began his career working in fleets for high tech companies, where he created an international fleet in Europe for Cisco Systems.

At Microsoft he took a decentralized fleet concept and created a central-led global program, which resulted in over $30 million in savings, increased control and improved customer satisfaction.

Bruce was crowned 'International Fleet Manager of the Year' in 2010. Bruce sits on international award juries and is a regular speaker at many international conventions. As recognition of his contribution to the industry, he was inducted into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame in 2012.

Bruce Maclaren's blog will be vital reading for any international fleet manager.

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