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  1. Digitalisation is critical to stay ahead
    Digitalisation is critical for the success of companies across the globe – that is an undeniable fact of the business world today. As a matter of course global companies rely

    Ilkay Ersoy - 2016-11-14 09:32:18
  2. Selecting the right partner in Turkey
    Operational fleet management continues standing out as a topic gaining importance for companies in Turkey. As operational leasing is still "a developing market" for Turkey the product is still

    Ilkay Ersoy - 2016-06-28 08:41:21
  3. The Fleet Market called Turkey
    The global economy is restructuring rapidly during the last decade where transportation communication and accordingly commerce has developed swiftly. This restructuring process with clear impacts in every sector inherently brings

    Ilkay Ersoy - 2016-01-21 15:52:13

CV Bloggers

Ilkay Ersoy
DRD Fleet Leasing - General Manager

With a background in banking and finance sector, Ilkay Ersoy served in internal auditing, inspectorship, project management and various sales management positions until 2007, when he joined DRD Fleet Leasing and started his career in the operational leasing sector.

Since then, Ersoy has been working to develop the sector in various platforms and, since April 2012, he has been General Manager of DRD Fleet Leasing, Chairman of TOKKDER, a responsible for budget and sales system development and a Board Member for Intermark Auto Leasing of UK operating in Russia.

Ilkay Ersoy, born in 1969, graduated from Istanbul University School of Economics and completed a master's degree in Financial Markets. Fluent in English, Ersoy is married and a father of two.

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