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  1. Why is global fleet management an art ?
    When I think of all the expertise required for global fleet management it is a combination of several disciplines.  Most often the global fleet program must include  procurement finance local

    Gayle Pratt - 2013-06-06 17:07:46

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Gayle Pratt
Formerly with Ecolab Inc - Retired Global Fleet Director

Gayle Pratt recently retired from Ecolab Inc. a global company in the business to business services in hygeine, food service and energy service industries, as their Global Fleet Director. She held this position from 2004-2013 and was responsible for a fleet of over 18,000 vehicles operating in 78 countries. Her earlier experience included the position of director of logistics, fleet and travel at the state of Michigan, from 1998-2004. Her total fleet experience spans 35 years. Gayle also has extensive knowledge of the entire North American fleet industry, having been appointed to serve on the NAFA Fleet Management Association where she held officer and chair positions since 1995, serving as president of the association from 2007-2009.

She has also been deeply involved in processes which mirror the 'globalization' of businesses in the fleet industry: she consolidated two large LabCorp fleet operations - National Health Laboratories and Roche Biomedical Laboratories during her tenure at LabCorp. And during here time with the State of Michigan, Gayle ran the consolidated fleet operations of diverse state agency fleets as an internal service fund (a fully-fledged business) with customized billing, operating schedules, and financial statements.

Gayle Pratt's blog will focus on professional fleet management opportunities from regional and global perspectives.

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