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Selecting the right partner in Turkey

Operational fleet management continues standing out as a topic gaining importance for companies in Turkey.

As operational leasing is still "a developing market" for Turkey, the product is still perceived as a "vehicle" by several customers, and unfortunately searches mainly based on only the price are being carried out in solution partner preferences regardless from the scope and quality of the service. As you all know, for operational leasing, vehicle delivery is only the beginning of a cooperation that will last throughout the leasing period. Therefore, fleet managers should prepare a list of the services in addition to the vehicles they request, and they should check whether the operational leasing companies they will cooperate with offer such services, as well as the KPIs they apply. It should not be assumed that the operational leasing company to be cooperated with understands the needs and expectations; the needs should be fully and completely notified, and the company should be asked to offer vehicle alternatives and service packages meeting the needs and expectations. It should be checked whether all the services promised by the operational leasing company are clearly stated in the agreement.

While assessing services of the operational leasing companies, one should decide whether the company to be cooperated with should be a company only offering service within Istanbul or a company with a country-wide service network by taking the challenging conditions of the wide geography of 783.562 km2 of Turkey into account. After that, the points that should be assessed with priority can be summarized as follows:

  • extensiveness of the service points,
  • call center structure,
  • online reporting system,
  • damage and insurance management systems,
  • availability of mobile applications for technological infrastructures and services,
  • whether they are audited by third parties.

One should learn about them. If possible, a visit should be paid to the customer relations department and service points.

The decision on whether the company to be cooperated for fleet management is a multinational company should be taken by reviewing various criteria by avoiding past experiences. At this point, it should be definitely questioned whether the company offering international services has developed services meeting the needs or consumer behaviors of the target group. It should be ensured that the vehicle policies are applicable and measurable for the conditions of Turkey. It should be checked whether the agreement conditions prepared by the operational leasing company are applicable and measurable, as well as contain the requested products and services completely. It should be ensured that the "fleet reports" submitted to the fleet managers as a service contain useful data/information for them, and reports not assisting in reducing the costs or not increasing the efficiency should not be taken into account.

In this article, I tried to highlight the points which fleet managers should take into account while selecting their fleet management specialist in operational leasing within the Turkish geography. Me and my team, we will be pleased to help you with any question you might have about the sector and fleet management in Turkey.


CV Bloggers

Ilkay Ersoy
DRD Fleet Leasing - General Manager

With a background in banking and finance sector, Ilkay Ersoy served in internal auditing, inspectorship, project management and various sales management positions until 2007, when he joined DRD Fleet Leasing and started his career in the operational leasing sector.

Since then, Ersoy has been working to develop the sector in various platforms and, since April 2012, he has been General Manager of DRD Fleet Leasing, Chairman of TOKKDER, a responsible for budget and sales system development and a Board Member for Intermark Auto Leasing of UK operating in Russia.

Ilkay Ersoy, born in 1969, graduated from Istanbul University School of Economics and completed a master's degree in Financial Markets. Fluent in English, Ersoy is married and a father of two.


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