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The battleground is clearly defined for lessors, OEMs and suppliers and partners... the driver experience is what will shape the industry over the next few years and everyone (and I mean everyone) is looking to see how they can position themselves to win.

A few years ago the driver experience was all about the performance of the vehicle, the sensation and feel of driving the motor car... And this is still the case...,but todays the driver expects other things from his vehicle experience...,he expects smartphone connectivity and integration, proactive servicing, e-call for emergencies and a whole host of other features all driven by one technical evolution - the intelligent connected car - combining artificial intelligence and telemetry data devices.

The adoption of intelligent connected car technology and the real usage of it to create a new enhanced driver experience is only now gaining momentum and in preparation for the autonomous car the pace will only increase as people realize the car, the last untapped moment in our lives, the last great untapped mobile device becomes a new playground.

And the potential offered by the connected car to enhance the driver experience is immense.

Proactive route planning, geolocalised services specific to the driver based on location and preferences, in car entertainment tailored to a drivers mood and time of day are all possible today by combining sets of data from multiple sources to provide "moments" that will enhance brand awareness and stickiness in the new world. And everyone is fighting over these moments by looking at smartphone as the primary platform and how multiple branded moments can be created.

Typically the number of touchpoints for an individual supplier with a driver during the traditional ownership cycle may be fewer than 15 moments. The connected car offers endless potential to increase these moments tied in with the various activities that a driver goes through whilst in a car from driving to work and home again (2 per day), filling up with fuel (2 per week), switching on the entertainment system (2 per day)and driving around different areas where they may not be familiar with vendors or offers. The technology creates the potential to offer brand partnership moments which can be personalized to the driver and can offer some rewards for loyalty and interaction. Looking further ahead the autonomous car offers unlimited potential to create hundreds of moments over the lifetime of the ownership of a vehicle where opportunities to build brand awareness and brand loyalty through the driver experience is paramount.

So don't be surprised if you are driving down the road soon (or maybe being driven by your autonomous car) and your vehicle offers you a recommendation of a great place to meet your partner for dinner and can order your food in advance of you arriving whilst recommending where to fill up with fuel to get the most reward benefits.

The technology exists. The artificial intelligence exists. The new driver experience is here.


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John Saffrett
ALD Automotive - Global CAO

John is an experienced automotive and finance executive with over 20 years experience within the industry and he holds an MBA (Automotive) from Nottingham Business School He started his career designing, developing and deploying dealer finance and insurance (F&I) sales systems in the Ford and Jaguar network and helped to train dealers to use the system in conjunction with manufacturer sales processes to maximize income from F&I product sales. He then moved to ALD Automotive (previously BCH Vehicle Management) where he helped establish a network of dealers and brokers selling financial products including full service lease and personal contract purchase. During this time, he helped ALD launch the first online dealer quotation and proposal platform which allowed dealer partners to quote, credit check and print documents for clients in the showroom using a fully web enabled platform. John then helped ALD to enhance their e-commerce presence by supporting the development of a number of innovative online platforms to carry the growth of ALD UK before moving to a new position within the investment banking division of Societe Generale in London (working for Newedge Financial UK Ltd, the future and options clearing broker jointly owned by Societe Generale and Credit Agricole). In this new role John developed a knowledge of high flow transaction systems linked to real time data management within a highly customer oriented environment and helped Newedge navigate their way through the complex regulatory maze impacting the capital markets during the volatile period over the last five years. Following the integration of Newedge back into Societe Generale, John has rejoined ALD at the international level as the Global CAO and a member of the Executive Committee COMEX of the firm and has responsibility for technology and innovation within the Group. He is a keen advocate for accelerating product and service development projects to launch early prototypes of products for clients to help evolve. He is also a strong believer that accessible data combined community and open innovation will reshape the automotive services industry in the coming years and sees the new battleground of the Driver Experience as the key competitive space for all players in the market and sees these as key enablers of the emergence of more industrialised mobility offers in the future. As such, his blog will mainly focus on innovation at all levels of the car leasing industry.


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