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Follow the sweet smell of global fleet success

Last year's economic turbulence in the emerging markets was not just felt by the automotive industry. Many multinationals companies with operations in China, Russia, Brazil and beyond felt the tremors.

Whilst some stability returned to the established markets in 2015, it was the emerging economies that kept many a global fleet manager busy. The twin challenges of providing efficient and effective fleet solutions - in an unfamiliar environment - are not a straightforward. This is especially true when the market is moving in the wrong direction.

A fast mind and an appetite for learning are essentials for fleet managers in emerging economies. Many in the car fleet community are fresh faced when it comes to managing fleets in emerging markets because by the very nature they are new.

Unfamiliar working cultures, in less mature markets, means a fluid approach is a must. There are legal differences and fleet funding mechanisms to understand and manage, as well as variations in supplier availability and services. Managing a vehicle fleet in a single or multiple emerging markets is a real learning curve, one that takes time, one that demands persistence and one that creates friction between the international fleet manager and local stakeholders.

Finding the correct answer to optimise the learning curve is a great start. Exploring market issues together, and sharing knowledge and experiences, are great starting points. The development and evolution of fleet management in emerging markets will not come overnight, and there's plenty to learn along the way.

Not one country has a licence to develop excellent ideas; everyone, everywhere can do it! And it's a project we are all working towards. Global Fleet is here to help.

At the end of last year we witnessed the world coming together to effectively respond to a common challenge. The global climate deal, signed in Paris, demonstrates that carbon management is a topic that should be sitting at the front and centre of your global fleet strategy. It also shows how a global approach can be used to solve local and regional problems.

There are other global challenges that the fleet community has a part to play in solving; that benefit society and the fleet community. Road safety, congestion and urbanisation, and the advancement of smart mobility are big ticket items where global fleet strategy and practices can bring about a real difference.

It is big picture issues like these that will be under the microscope here at Global Fleet this coming year. They'll be on the agenda when the global fleet community gets together for the Global Fleet Conference, 6 - 8 June 2016, in Brussels. Don't miss it! -

Watch this space to see what's coming and by signing up you can be part of the discussion.


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Steven Schoefs
Nexus Communication - Chief Editor - Fleet Europe

For the past three years Steven Schoefs has been Editor in Chief of Fleet Europe. In this role he is responsible for the editorial content Fleet Europe's magazine, its website and the annual Fleet Europe Forum & Awards, the platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge among decision makers and peers in the fleet industry, held at a different location in Europe each year, and attracting over 500 fleet managers, owners, experts and others with an interest in fleet At the heart of his editorial philosophy is the quality of content and the search for new fleet management developments and trends, whether it is in terms of product, services, legislation, mobility issues or market evolutions. Steven also coordinates the International Fleet Managers' Institute (IFMI), a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge among peers in the fleet industry. He is also involved in strategic and budget issues and for managing the team of company and freelance journalists. Steven has always worked very closely with Caroline Thonnon, the Business Development Director and herself a recognised authority on the fleet business.

Steven Schoefs blog will focus on key trends and developments within the European fleet market and the automotive market, as well as on the evolving role of the international fleet manager.


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