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The Fleet Market called Turkey

The global economy is restructuring rapidly during the last decade where transportation, communication and accordingly commerce has developed swiftly. This restructuring process, with clear impacts in every sector, inherently brings legitimate results for the operational leasing sector.

The number of vehicles per 1.000 people in countries such as Germany, UK, France, Czech Republic and Poland in the operational leasing sector is around 2-3 times more than the current sector rate in Turkey. In addition to this, it is seen that the corporate vehicle park consisted of the own vehicles of the companies in Turkey has reached to the level of 2 million; in other words, only one over eight of this significant potential represents the operational leasing sector. In the light of this data summarized briefly; taking our continuously growing country economy, demographic characteristics of our population, and increases reflected in demand with the increase in awareness related to the advantages provided by the sector during the recent years into account,

it is anticipated that there is a significant development potential for the sector in Turkey in the coming years. Our anticipation is proven to be right as the sector in Turkey has doubled in size since 2010, and the vehicle park has reached to approximately 266 thousand units, up by 12,5% compared to the previous year, as of the 3rd quarter of 2015.

Following the political elections keeping the agenda busy for a long time in 2015 and directly affecting the markets in Turkey, an important recovery has occurred in the operational leasing sector, improving steadily during the recent years as several other sectors do. As the year end data for the sector is not clear yet, I would like to mention about some performance values during the first 9 months of the year 2015: While 82 thousand units of new passenger vehicles were bought in the sector during the first 9 months, 52 thousand vehicles were sold in the used car market during the same period. The leasing operations were carried out 80 percent with "Euro" currency, while "36-month" leasing demands were on top with 63 percent. The asset size of the sector has reached to € 5,6 billion during the period where a total vehicle investment of € 1,8 billion took place.

The breakdown related to the sector vehicle park has realized as shown in the following table.

Considering the market based on the geographical distribution of the customers, we should note that positive contributions are provided for the growth of the sector with the small and medium sized businesses, in addition to the big and multinational companies, better understanding the financial and operational advantages of operational leasing over buying. The geographical demands we observed in our big cities such as Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and particularly Istanbul in the past are now spreading to different geographical regions of the country such as Adana, Antalya, Samsun, Konya, and Kayseri. In this context, several large scale operational leasing brands in the sector focus their attention on the restructuring of their offices, as well as on structuring in the cities in Anatolia.

Within the scope of main definition of operational leasing in the sector, "offering uninterrupted services with high quality standards after delivering the vehicles to the customers" is significantly important for the customers in Turkey. By being different from several European countries, with a total area of 783.562 km2 and challenging geographical conditions considerably changing from region to region, Turkey requires a comprehensive structuring spread out to the entire world for success in operation leasing. The brands effectively managing this process both within their company and with strong outsource cooperation get an important competitive advantage in the sector.

Considering the operational leasing sector in Turkey in terms of the existing players; there are 8 brands with a vehicle park of over 10 thousand units, 3 brands with a vehicle park of 5 to 10 thousand units, and 4 brands with less than 5 thousand units.

In my next articles, I will provide information for you to be closely acquainted with the sector, as well as information on the approaches required for success in the sector on several matters within the scope of Turkey's geographical, economical, socio-cultural dynamics, apart from some memorized approaches.


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Ilkay Ersoy
DRD Fleet Leasing - General Manager

With a background in banking and finance sector, Ilkay Ersoy served in internal auditing, inspectorship, project management and various sales management positions until 2007, when he joined DRD Fleet Leasing and started his career in the operational leasing sector.

Since then, Ersoy has been working to develop the sector in various platforms and, since April 2012, he has been General Manager of DRD Fleet Leasing, Chairman of TOKKDER, a responsible for budget and sales system development and a Board Member for Intermark Auto Leasing of UK operating in Russia.

Ilkay Ersoy, born in 1969, graduated from Istanbul University School of Economics and completed a master's degree in Financial Markets. Fluent in English, Ersoy is married and a father of two.


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