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April confirms Russia's rebound

New car sales in Eurasia’s largest country climbed 6.9 percent to nearly 130,000 units in April 2017, indicative of a revival of the market, which started crumbling four years ago. 

Domestic and market-leading brand Lada takes advantage of its two recently introduced compact models, the Vesta sedan and the Xray cross-over, to see its sales rise by 7 percent. Parent company Renault holds the fourth place in Russia and sold 19 percent more cars.

Kia, the country’s second largest carmaker in terms of sales, jumped a healthy 32 percent, while sister brand Hyundai (number three in Russia) was able to convince 12 percent more customers.

The Association of European Businesses in Russia (AEB) takes a moderately positive stance, stating that “we are not dealing with a healthy seasonality yet, which reminds us of how fragile the current cautious recovery still is. Nevertheless, April's sales result is another step forward in the right direction" (source: Automotive News Europe).

Picture copyright: Lada, 2017 18/05/2017  |  Dieter Quartier

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