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AFMA: support and Awards in Australasia

In the same way as Europe support their leading fleet managers, the Australasian fleet management association AFMA also seeks out and supports the best fleet managers of its region. The association’s Mace Hartley gave us some insights.
He started by explaining that the Australasian Fleet Management Association supports innovation and excellence in Fleet Management.
Fleets everywhere are facing new challenges, new situations, and Australasia is no different. The main trends identified by AFMA for the Australasian fleet market in 2017 are around embracing technology, recognizing the importance of reducing vehicle emissions and the need to provide a safe mobile workplace.
And this is within a context where fleets come is all shapes and sizes just as fleet managers come from all walks of life. The responsibilities for managing an effective, safe and sustainable fleet have never been more demanding and require collaboration from a number of people within an organization.. And because these roles often have differing goals within an organization, the fleet manager needs to demonstrate leadership in order to deliver an effective, safe and sustainable fleet.
There is of course always a financial side to the equation. For years fleet managers have to do more with less. They focus on reducing operational costs, reduce their fleet through improved asset utilization etc., but this ongoing drive to reduce expenses comes at a cost. Fleet managers have little time to explore new technology that is probably the key to reducing further costs, improved safety outcomes and ensuring an effective, safe and sustainable fleet.
Key tips
What three tips would Mace Hartley give to someone taking on a role of fleet manager in Australasia to do?
There are many challenges facing a fleet manager operating across APAC. Beyond government rules and regulations which are often vastly different there are the common issues. Operational costs, asset utilization, safety and sustainability.The key to each of the above issues is access to meaningful information about a vehicles usage, running costs, driver behavior. This can be provided through in-vehicle-management-systems (telematics) but finding a partner that operates across each country can be difficult.
Even without telematics you have access to traditional information such as fuel card & tolls reports but you need a vehicle management system to capture the data as spreadsheets might be okay for managing vehicle servicing intervals.
Thirdly, culture and custom is also a challenge across difference countries and government regulation may drive safety in one country but not the next. Therefore the fleet manager needs to build policies that can be implemented across all countries even though it may be more difficult to achieve.
The 2017 AFMA Awards
The AFMA Fleet Awards seek to identify advances in best practice in Fleet Management and to bring these to the attention of its members and the industry.
Now if their 22nd year (2017), the awards have recognized new approaches and applications that have produced substantial reductions in costs, lowered emissions and improved safety outcomes. In particular, these awards draw attention to advances in fleet management techniques, the application of technology, fleet safety and raising awareness of the fleets’ impact on the environment.
Nominations are now open for the 2017 Fleet Awards, to be held in Sydney on September 14th.These will be in three categories:

Fleet Manager of the Year - An individual who has demonstrated general excellence across the field of Fleet Management;
Fleet Environment Award - An organisation that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in running a green fleet as part of a sustainable Fleet Policy;
Fleet Safety Award - An organisation which has demonstrated best practice in Fleet Safety. 08/03/2017  |  Tim Harrup


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