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16 years ago there was no fuel control market

With their fuel sensors, Omnicomm, international hi-tech industrial company, is a friend to those businesses that wish to integrate fuel consumption solutions. Sixteen years ago, the company pioneered the fuel control market in Russia, and today they sell to a wide range of commercial, construction, and FMCG brands at home and abroad. We speak to Deputy Director General Stanislav Emelianov.

What do you provide at home and abroad?

Stanislav Emelianov:Our complete solution is mainly available in Russia – it's a system whereby sensors are fully integrated with a GPS tracker and software system, and it's for companies who want to control how much fuel they use, speed and even driver behaviour.
In other markets, although we usually don't provide the entire solution, we install sensors that help combat particular problems – in Brazil we provide sensors for cars, LCVs, and big trucks. In a country like Ghana we provide many diesel sensors to stop people from stealing fuel. So, needs differ from country to country. And we try to comply with specific requirements in each and every case.

In Russia, what's your market share?

S. Emelianov:In Russia Omnicomm has 60% of the market concerning fuel monitoring equipment. We sold 135,000 sensors last year and while we're one of the most expensive – the quality is very good.

What clients does Omnicomm service?

S. Emelianov:Our clients include everything from the different spheres of the economy. Long distance carriers account for maybe 5% - 10% of clients in Russia. The rest are oil and gas companies, very big construction companies, and road and infrastructure companies. We also service Coca-Cola, for examples. It's not all heavy goods; I'd say at least 20% - 30% are small-car-installs.

Does the solution fit LCVs?

S. Emelianov:You can use our solutions wherever you have an engine and fuel. Our competitive advantage is that the fuel tank depth can range from 15 cm up to 6 m.So yes, that certainly includes LCVs.

Can you measure elements other than fuel – like speeding?

S. Emelianov:Yes, because we have our own GPS tracking solution too. But again, the entire solution – where we provide GPS and the accompanying tracking software to measure things like speed and driver behaviour – is mainly aimed at domestic market. We are not interested in having our full solution competing with companies in foreign markets. However, in some certain cases, when there is a strong interest in our complete solution, we are ready to provide it in other countries.

What is the price for the whole solution?

S. Emelianov:One fuel sensor is from USD 200. One tracker with installation is around EUR 1,000.

Can you rent the solution as well as buying it?

S. Emelianov:This is up to our dealers and integrators to choose. Some of our dealers’ clients may pay, for instance, USD 50 per month for an install without actually buying the hardware. So it depends – it's all possible.

Does the software provide a way of identifying risky drivers?

S. Emelianov:Yes. Our dealers have analytic specialists who gain information from the solution and can consult with clients if certain driver trends emerge.

Do you work with leasing companies?

S. Emelianov:We do work with leasing companies. We calculated the buy-back agreement with them. But to be honest, the buy-back agreement for this kind of system is only interesting for a few months. Although there're many instances of working with leasing companies, usually clients just buy the solution and that’s it.
  11/09/2014  |  Ally Millar


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